Lake of the Heart
James 'Ian' Whiteside - Owner & Chief Instructor
Courses at Lake of the Heart 2015

We provide a selection of courses at Lake of the Heart.

Our courses are based on the 4 acres of our private land surrounding our private lake in the foothills of the massif central in the gorgeous Limousin countryside.

As an Applied Psychologist and through 38+ years training people,  experience has taught me that people learn best in a relaxed and comfortable setting. 

On all our courses food and tented accomodation is provided

(as are toilets and showers)

As you're in France surely also it would be a shame not to enjoy the good food and wine here (included on our courses)

The relaxed nature and blissful conditions are major unique aspects which makes us different from most other courses in this field.

(the option to "rough it" and/or test yourself is also there ((you can stay in your own 'Basha' and eat worm omelette if you want ))

but that is entirely optional)

This makes us ideal where for instance one person in a family/couple/group wants a 'relaxing' break and the other wants a full survival course. It also allows us to cover family groups and weather/health issues.


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ALL of our courses are bespoke (individual and group requirements are catered for) however I have been asked to list our 'standard' structure and prices - this will be available on a link from this page VERY soon.


 My principle is that variations to the 'standard' will obviously result in either higher or lower fees depending on your requirements.

If you would like to be loaded onto or arrange a course then by all means contact me directly on the email link below.