Lake of the Heart
James 'Ian' Whiteside- Owner & Chief  Instructor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

News -                                  (Now I've (mostly) got over a virus)

                    I am currently preparing my kit for my next adventure !!!

Even if I'm not here I CAN be contacted -

through my PA/Secretary/Daughter ( Alex ) who will be monitoring/checking/answering my emails and phonecalls on 

01772 455402 (UK Landline)
07870517241 (My Mobile)

Please also note that the business scheduler on the website here shows time booked for a project which (as of 08 May) has not yet been confirmed. 

So please CHECK my availablility with me or Alex if the scheduler shows me as already 'booked' 

take care & keep in touch

James ' Ian ' Whiteside


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